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A Proven Methodology

We show you how your team compares. Organizations know the cost of poor performance is staggering. Less than 10% of teams rate themselves as high performing. According to our data, top-performing teams outperform average teams by 42%.


We set a baseline. Using our proven diagnostic tools, we reveal the team strengths and challenges. This research-based approach focuses on 14 measures of team competency. In order to know where to invest valuable time and money in team performance, it makes sense to start with a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. Our diagnostic reveals this clearly and concisely. This measurement accelerates improved team performance.


We create an action plan. This includes two parallel outcomes:

  1. Measurable improvement in team competencies. This team works better together and takes what they learn into every other team they are on.

  2. Measurable positive impact on business metrics for this team. This work is only justified by real business results.


We support the team. With consulting, coaching, skills training, and accountability, we bring in a team of experts with experience in your world, your vertical — working with you to help you do the following:

  • Deliver improved results

  • Accelerate change

  • Create effective, responsive team culture

  • Increase production, control cost

  • Improve work habits, collaboration and ethics

  • Raise the bar on team performance and team accountability


Using a proven methodology, we will guide you to be a higher performing organization — an organization that achieves superior results.


Success Factors


The initial diagnostic gives the team a clear picture of how they view competencies in 14 separate categories — categories that would be natural, and familiar to any team. Ask any team, “How are you doing?” and they will likely look at these areas:

  • Team leadership

  • Resource management

  • Goals and strategies

  • Alignment

  • Accountability

  • Decision-making

  • Proactive mindset (take initiative vs. constantly reacting)

These are the 7 positivity measures that support team productivity.

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Camaraderie

  • Communication

  • Constructive Interaction: ability to fight, give feedback, take a stand, all for the sake of the team

  • The team’s capacity to value diversity as a strength

  • Optimism: commitment and belief in the team


We provide best-practice insight, consulting and skills training for each of these 14 areas. We work with the team to create an action plan and then help the team stay on track and be accountable.

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