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If you have a vacancy on your guest service or sales management team, I can fill that seat to give you the luxury of time to find the right person to join your team. You don’t have to be in hurry.

Interim team members allow a company to engage a trained and proven professional when the business is in transition. The Vacation Rental Coach can address the typical transition points including:

  • The company has added people to the team, but the principal doesn’t have the time or expertise to personally manage them.

  • The company is in an M & A play, and the current sales management or VP of Sales role is vacant

  • The structure of a company has changed and a more disciplined sales performance management approach is needed

  • There is no real sales management process in place and the sales team is under-performing goals

  • The company needs interim sales management direction and disciplines for a short amount of time while searching for a permanent sales manager or VP

  • A company isn’t ready for a full-time sales manager, but could benefit from a part-time sales management resource


If these points sound like your needs regarding interim sales management I can help!

Interim Reservation Sales Manager and Team Leader

As an Interim Reservation Sales Manager I will implement pipeline processes, create accountable program for sales reps, and deliver relevant training modules to help the team increase revenue from existing accounts and identify and develop new opportunities.

  • Conduct monthly meetings for owners/sales managers focused on sales and marketing

  • Provide business development training for sales people

  • Assist with time management and prioritization concerns

  • One on One sales coaching for sales people

  • Meet with management team focusing on sales issues/hiring effective, successful reps/compensation plans

  • Create tools to measure success levels and establish benchmarks

  • Help owners develop marketing plans and ways to grow revenue

  • Lead the DiSC Personal Profile System with sales/management/production teams

  • Develop and facilitate sales/company retreat

  • Facilitate team building activities

  • Help companies create a library of relevant case studies and white papers to use market facing

  • CSR and inside sales training programs to accommodate many different goals and issues


A "new to the hotel", talented and highly skilled sales manager may well uncover different, additional pathways to increased revenue than might have been used before. 

The hotel's own team members will not be overloaded with other work so their productivity is maintained, while management can hold them accountable to original goals.

Management will get a fresh, neutral perspective from our team player about the role and its opportunity

Adaptability - the GM or DOS can terminate the engagement at just two weeks notice.

High ROI
The hotel does not pay bonus, does not pay benefits, does not take on any commitment other than a two week window for closing out task force.
The investment in task force is met by an ROI that can kick in rapidly. 
There is no "ramp-up" time as for an employee. We have to perform right after we check-in. 
Sometimes before we check-in. And there are some good stories about that.


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