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People Matter Most.

My name is Heather Weiermann. I am a coach, mentor, public speaker and strategic entrepreneur. I owned and operated a successful vacation rental management company in San Diego for over 14 years.  I sold my business and am now able to use that experience, knowledge, and understanding of the intricate details of a professional vacation rental management business, to create realistic achievable solutions for my clients.


Call me old-fashioned, but the term consultant still conjures up an image of a self-proclaimed expert who can make great presentations, generate recommendations and leave you to do the hard work of implementation. This may work for big companies who have specialized staffs, but it doesn’t work for most vacation rental businesses who many times are already understaffed and overloaded.


I thrive on helping my clients to create better experiences for their guests, homeowners, and employees which result in a positive, more efficient work environment and increased revenue. I love nothing more than to learn about someone’s business and their goals, and helping them come up with improvements that will change the way they do things today and for the future.


Life’s too short to be anything but happy, there is nothing better than waking up every day to a new challenge, new goals and the drive to be a better you.



You believe in your people, and you want to inspire them to achieve more. More engagement. More satisfaction with their work. More passion for what they do. More connection with your organization’s goals and with each other.

You are not alone in wanting to lead a business that your people never want to leave.


As a coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker I’m your guide. Together, as Alison Crabb Consulting, we will change, grow, and create positive and enduring outcomes. Not only within your team and culture but also on your bottom line.


All businesses have unique challenges and a one-size-fits-all approach does not always apply. Utilising the leadership and business philosophies that I have developed and successfully implemented over 25 years, I design and deliver programs in a variety of engaging and measurable methods.


Heather lives near the beach in San Diego, CA and in the mountains of Bend, OR with her husband Mark and their adventurous dog Willard.  She’s certified as a Coach from Gallup University. Heather is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and a served in leadership positions in both vacation rental industry and charitable non-profit associations.


Antonio helps property owners and managers getting more bookings, streamlining their workflow and maximizing their rental income.


Speaker, coach and host of the Vacation Rental World Summit, Antonio shares his personal hands on experience developed as successful VR owner and complements it with that of the best minds in the industry.


Adrian has a life balance that includes his family, friends colleagues, clients, health, his love of food and wine, all things hospitality and an amazing appetite for daily adventure. In his spare time he has mentored entrepreneurs for the Mowgli Foundation and raised funds for Youth at Risk.


His passion is supporting Bricks and Mortar businesses thrive in an increasingly digital world by leveraging their one clear advantage #ILoveMyJob


I have presented at many industry conferences, including:



  • VRMA National Conference - 2015, 2016

  • VRMA Eastern Seminar - 2015, 2016, 2017

  • VRMA Western Seminar - 2015, 2016, 2017

  • VRMIntel - 2017

  • HomeAway Summits

  • Mind and Dine - 2016, 2017

  • Navis Leaders Conferences - 2016, 2017

  • RezFest - 2014, 2015, 2016

  • Vacation Rental Success Summit - 2017

  • HomeAway Breakfast Seminars

  • New England Vacation Rental Managers Alliance Annual Event

  • California Vacation Rental Managers Association Workshops - 2014, 2015





It is essential for your personal and professional growth to constantly develop your own leadership skills.


It is vital to continually upskill. ‘You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself.’

Why people matter.
My core philosophies.

A crafted range of workshops helping business to deliver superior results with a focus on people and culture.

strategic planning

What’s working and what is missing? Together we will evaluate the effectiveness of our program every step of the way

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