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Vacation Rental Workshops


Vacation Rental Management Coaching and Consulting for Professionals & Business Owners

Long before I was a Certified Business Coach, I was a Professional Vacation Rental Manager just like you.  I learned from experience what to do and what not to do.


When issues would come up or guests would ask for things I often didn’t know how to handle. I have had my disappointments and turnovers that cost me a lot of money before I figured out what and how to manage my properties successfully. Once I became a professional and earned designations in my field, I really understood the best practices to put in place. I don’t expect you to spend 10 years learning before you rent your property confidently.

I teach regularly at Cabrillo Community College in Aptos, CA a 1 day course called Landlording Made Easy. It is an overview course that touches on all aspects of property management but can’t in one day cover all topics in depth. The attendees are too varied to address all their needs in 6 hours.


I also wrote a book titled Property Management A-Z which is the paper version of my Cabrillo Class and it is written as a reference book but again it doesn’t go into depth on anyone topic. I could write a series of books for years to come just covering all the possible details of property management. Laws are always changing and that alone keeps you on your toes.


To better educate and provide those that want to be a “professional” landlord, I have below 3 Signature VIP Programs. These programs can be delivered in 1 day intensives in person or virtually if you aren’t close to where the program is being offered. Please inquire about upcoming programs and pricing.


The VIP Programs are 1 day intensives by invitation since only a few slots are offered at a time. This allows maximum one-to-one time with me so by the end of the day you walk out ready to implement your plan immediately.

I provide all customized materials, a step-by-step system to guarantee results and 4 follow up coaching calls within 30 days to ensure you stay on track to success. You will receive a USB card/flash stick with all digital documents to take with you.


In person VIP days include continental breakfast, a light lunch and dinner at a local restaurant. This is a roll up your sleeves and get down to business kind of day that will be punctuated with some fun and celebration at the end of the day.


Call to find out about upcoming programs and pricing. If you are still unsure of whether or not you need a property management consultant or coach, give me a call and we can assess your situation free of any commitments.



Coaching Programs for Property Management Businesses


Workshops 1/2 day to Full Day

Workshops are designed to be motivational, educational and offer an indirect way for vacation rental management business owners to get their employees on board with changes in the company or the business in general.

From personal experience I have found bringing in an outside vacation rental management consultant or coach allows employees to really hear, maybe for the first time, what management wants. Employees tend to be more open when information is presented from a third party than from the “boss”.


Retreats 1/2 day to Full Day

Retreats are designed to get the creative process flowing. It is a time to explore or problem solve challenges and look for new opportunities.

Retreats are conducted away from the office, in a safe environment to discuss openly strategic business issues and come away with concrete steps and a beginning framework for how to proceed toward the desired goals. Longer retreats will usually incorporate some “play” time together to build comradery, celebrate achievements and get inspired for the work ahead.


Individual Business Coaching Programs for Property Managers


Stress to Success Kick Start Program
This program is an excellent starting point for understanding your stress profile as a property manager. In this program, you will take the S-Factor Assessment and receive a 1-2 hour debrief of the assessment results.


This assessment measures your Stress under normal circumstances and under pressure and how you typically react to Stress. The other assessments (Wheel of Life & Values Assessment) that will be given to provide an overview of all aspects of your life (business and personal) and where things are out of balance or in need of some attention.

Once the assessments are complete a plan of action can be put in place to address areas that you want to work on whether professional, personal or both. The commitment is 3 months with 2 calls per month. At the end of the 3 months you can exit out of the program or continue with personal coaching or sign up for other programs.


Maintenance Program
You need to be an existing client or have completed a prior program. In this program, you get 12 sessions for
the price of 8.


This is great for when you need extra sessions, or want maintenance on an ongoing basis or just a spot coaching session when necessary.


Personal Diagnostic Program – Assessments and Debrief Only
In this program, you will take all the different assessments offered from the S-Factor Assessment (Stress Assessment) to the Wheel of Life and Values Assessment. You will be debriefed on all assessments.


Sometimes just being aware of our tendencies and seeing on paper the areas in our lives that are being under represented will be enough to motivate us toward change. Being mindful of who we are and how we show up in the world and gaining an understanding of how others perceive us is an invaluable gift to ourselves and our growth.


Just for Me Program
This program is customized just for you. A minimum of 4 sessions is required.




We love sharing our tips and tricks with Vacation Rental Owners! Kris runs successful vacation rental homes and has tested every method that is taught in Volo’s workshops and seminars. AND, we can host private workshops for groups as small as two; if you and a friend want a tailored session (but it’s not in your budget to book a 1 day in-person assessment solo), we can apply our methods to both your properties, do in-person property evaluations and you can split the costs!


Likewise, we host workshops and seminars for the public at predetermined locations. Details will be posted below (coming soon) and we will notify our newsletter subscribers first for dibs on enrollment. Workshop topics and seminars range in topic, but typically cover:


Property Management: You do NOT need to hire a costly property manager! We give you the in’s and out’s (and critical secrets) of managing your own property, covering topics from setting up your first website (personal or through vacation rental sites like Airbnb), cleaning to differentiating your brand.


Guests Needs: Help you understand and address guests primary needs, turn inquiries into bookings and develop a effortless guest experience.


Building a community via Social Media: Hands-on workshop on starting a Facebook Business Page, Twitter account, and other trending social tools. We will teach you how to engage your audience, letting them be FREE ambassadors for your business by spreading the word on your vacation rental.


Optimize your listing ad: Competition is increasing dramatically on VRBO, Home Away, Airbnb and the like as property manager receive discounted rates on platinum listing packages. We give a detailed overview on marketing your property for those with listing ads on vacation rental websites. Increase your rank in search results, stand out among your competitors and increase your occupancy.


Marketing: We cover 15 practical tips and critical strategies on marketing your vacation home through traditional, email, social and emerging channels. The goal is to reach a wider audience, retain information through free mailing list tools and have a powerful and consistent multichannel guest experience.



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